Dear A.R. Rahman –

You were there when no one was
When everyone is there, you still are
Shadows leave, you do not
Every moment teaching me a lot
When I cry, you wipe out my tears
You hold my hand, when strike out fears
Your are a boat, sailing me through the Bhava-Saagar
You not merely entertain, spiritually uplifts me rather
You are the one who always give me a smile
Which I wear everyday & walk another mile

Dear A.R. Rahman, you are a Sad-Guru for me. Always keeping me on the right path & keeping my Vivek awake. After my parents, it is because of you I’m what I’m. Thanks for being there. Thank you so much. On this holy occasion of Guru-Paurnima, this is a small Sanskrit verse as a offering to you – my Guru. Kindly accept with my Namaskara.

सच्चिदानन्दमूर्ती परब्रह्मरूपम् ।
श्रुतीहितकारी: तव स्वरूपम् ।।
सङ्गीताधिपतीर्यो वैराग्यपूर्णम् ।
तस्मै ‘रहमाना’य नमोऽहं नमोऽहम् ।।

– © Vikram Edke


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